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Quote of the Day : "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."
-Robert Frost

My dad and brother are still on their trip. I think I might be jealous. They have been to Baltimore, Washington, and Philadelphia for baseball games. They went to Annapolis to the Navy Academy, Hershey Pennsylvaina, Dover Delaware, Gettyburg, and all the places in the cities. They get to be in Philadelphia on 4th of July. It's cute. But they keep calling like every 2 hours and that's a little awkward. My brother was like what do you want from the Hershey gift shop? I don't know, what do they have? Everything, you could get a charm for your charm bracelet. Um, no Kyle, I'm ok. But they did get me a shirt that says NAVY on it from Navy, so that's cool.

Me and my mom have been hanging out a lot and I've been sleeping really late. Yesterday we were looking at old photo albums and I found out that her high school boyfriend was 5 years older than her and saw that my dad wore like these really nasty really short cut offs in public. I'm embarrassed for him and maybe even myself and that was like 25 years ago.

Tonight me, my mom, Kara, and Tara went to the Astros game. We won, yay! It was fun. And I think we met Andy Pettitte's son. These random kids were sitting behind us when the player's were stretching and it was probably him. Justin the security gave a ball to Tara, "our new friend." It was cute. We waved to ball boy, but no signs or notes or anything. There were fireworks after the game that were major amazing. I liked it a lot a lot a lot. But I didn't like the drunk people behind us. This one lady was like standing up and dancing and screaming and shaking her boobs in the middle of the fire works. And I heard this one guy say, "If I had a nickel for everytime I saw a girl as pretty as you, I'd have 5 cents." I laughed a little.

So I saw on the old movies channel that The Wizard of Oz is coming back to theaters in November. I'm pretty much excited. I got an e-mail from JoJo from UM ARMY and I think he might have a crush on me. I have new student conference on Thursday and Friday. It's gonna be good, I hope. I'm pretty excited about meeting all the cute boys at A&M. It will be glorious. Have a nice day and a happy and safe 4th of July!!
<3 Casey
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haha, the astros game was fun tonight. from borden milk tattoos in the bathroom to the baby pettittes to waving at ball boy a lot to listening to drunk people hit on other drunk people to the fire works, it was glorious.