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Quote of the Day : "Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about."
-Oscar Wilde

I love college. I love college a lot. I love it love it love it love it love it. I only miss home when I'm talking to my mom, and then I miss my family, but then I just think about how much I love college.

I love my dorm and my roommate and how my 2 of my best friends are here and how I'm making new friends everyday and how I'm probably gonna gain the freshmen 15 just from the amazing cookies in the cafeteria and how my classes don't start till late and how I really do like going to the library to study no matter how much of I nerd I feel and I love how my mom and Tara came to visit last Friday and my mom took my laundry home and did it and I loved my 1st astronomy lab tonight and I loved petting Reveille and I love seeing corps boys and I love how sexy those senior boots are and I love how my Russian astronomy professor gets confused sometimes and I love how there's so many people and I love getting home whenever I want and I love going dancing at the hall and sneaking Glynna in and I love driving my car Teddy around when I do even though it takes me like 15 minutes to walk to my garage and I love the MSC and I love how I bought 2 new posters for my dorm and I love how that kid that kinda dated Cheyenne on that MTV show was in my calc class on Tuesday and I love just hanging out and watching movies and I love walking around campus at night when it's quiet and maybe a little creepy with Brian and I love how the 1st football game is this weekend and I love how midnight yell is tomorrow night and I have a date! Wow, I really really like college.

I'm really glad I'm in business too because my 1 business class is pretty much a blowoff and I don't have to take all those hard science classes that other people I know have to and are stressing about. I like all my classes: psychology, business 101, history, astronomy, and business calculus. It's pretty exciting.

So in conclusion, I love college and I haven't updated in a while and I'm not tired and don't need to go to bed anytime soon cause my 1st class isn't till 1:50 tomorrow. Perhaps I'll update later with some pictures from the 1st game. Gig 'em Aggies! BEAT THE HELL OUTTA CITADEL! AAAAA! Have a nice day (:
<3 Casey
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