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I want it to be break

Quote of the Day : "Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can."
-Danny Kaye

So it's been a while since I've updated this thing. And I thought of that when I was walking back from the library today. So I decided to write an entry so that anyone who still reads this thing can know what is going on with my life. Right now, I'm having a love/hate relationship with life in general. But it feels like more hate at the moment.

I love A&M. I mean I really, really love A&M. It's really pretty, the people are nice, I like all my professors, I'm doing pretty well in all my classes, and it's just an overall good place. It really struck me how much I love it on Friday. I was riding on a bus over to west campus and the radio was playing "A Fightin' Texas Aggie" by Robert Earl Keen. The song is pretty funny, and I love that even though I've heard it a thousand times, it doesn't really get old. And I was sitting there on the bus, looking around and everyone around me was singing along. He's a fightin' Texas Aggie and he jut don't give a damn, that he's got 6 parking tickets and his arm's gone pro again, but bonfire's built and varsity's horns have been sawed right off his head, he's a fightin' Texas Aggie and he will be till he's dead. Every Thursday the big place to go is The Texas Hall of Fame, they play half country half rap and everyone dances and such. At midnight they turn on the lights, everyone gets in a circle and put their arms around each other, friends and strangers, and everyone sings the Aggie War Hymn. It's so awesome. A&M gets a lot of crap from a lot of people and I think it's really dumb. Everyone here likes it here and those who hate A&M and don't even know the school are really stupid and I might just hate them. How many other colleges can say that their president is probably going to be the new secretary of defense? How about none. In case you didn't know, Dr. Robert Gates, the president of Texas A&M, will be taking over for Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense. It's pretty exciting. He was a really good president and did lot of stuff for the school but he knows his ultimate duty is to his country and we are all sooo proud of him.

I hate studying. I hate it hate it hate it. Of course I knew I'd have to study harder in college, but I guess I thought people kinda exaggerated it. They didn't. Today pretty all I did was sleep late, eat, and study astronomy. I have a feeling this test might own me. But I have gotten A's on my other 2 tests so I guess I'm not too too worried. I just need to study more tonight and all day tomorrow. Then I have 2 tests the week of Thanksgiving and possibly a paper due the day before Thanksgiving, a day that all other classes are cancelled. But hopefully my history prof will show mercy and cancel class and delay the paper. That would be fabulous. I'm just sick of reading about the life and death of stars. And I'm sick of not understanding the homework problems. But it's ok, it's probably my own fault cause I pay more attention to the sudokus and crossword puzzles in the Battalion than the teacher. I hate how my lab for that is on Thursday nights, but it's ok cause I love the people in the class. They make me laugh.

I love people. I love my friends, my old ones and my new ones. I love my small group for my business class. We had to make a commercial for an unsellable product, ours was rubber crutches aka really dumb. We wrote a song about a lazy guy who fakes being hurt and uses them to the tune of those Bud Light Real Men of Genius songs. We didn't even practice and we got the best in the class, it was really funny. I really like ARC - Aggie Recruitment Committee, the only club I am in right now. We had a big conference last weekend where 100 high school seniors came in from all over and they spent the weekend "experiencing Aggie life." It was really fun, and I made a bunch of friends in ARC. Hopefully for the conference in the spring I can be a DG leader, that would fun.

On the other hand, I hate boys. I hate how much bad luck I have with boys. I hate boys who are really cute and really nice and dance with you all night. Boys who your new friends think you knew before because of the way they look at you and smile. Boys who get your number and call you like they said they would and invite you to a party, but have bad timing because your friends decided to get drunk and you had to stay and drive them home. Boys who say they'll call again, but then don't. Boys who still don't call you after you left them a message because you kept getting asked about him from all the girls you went dancing with. Those boys are jerks. And I hate how I always read more into something then there probably is. And I hate how bummed out I got over a stupid boy I hardly know.

I love Reveille. That collie is BEAUTIFUL!! I saw her at SEAL last weekend when the guy came and told all the seniors about her and I got my picture taken with her. Then some day last week me and Glynna were walking around and a guy walks by with Reveille. We both go "She's so pretty!" and then a guy walking past us in the same direction of Reveille totally imitated us saying that, it was pretty funny.

I hate how sick I am of campus food and how I have to keep eating it because of my meal plan. I never thought I'd crave homecooked food so badly. I hate how I was doing so good at eating healthy, but the last week or so I've been eating soo much and most of it crap. It was funny cause me and my roommate went grocery shopping on Friday and we bought like all healthy stuff and then later that day I get a package from my mom filled with junk food. I hate how my car is about as far away from my dorm as possible. It's an almost 15 minute walk. SICK.

I love watching movies. I've been watching a lot of Disney movies lately with my roommate and it's sooo good. I love Disney so much. I love how today when I was studying I listened to High School Musical and loved it. And I love how I have netflix and get new DVDs every week or so. It's fun, and I would recommend it.

I hate Coach Fran. Pretty much everyone I know hates Coach Fran. He makes stupid calls like kicking a field goal when we're down by 4 with 3 minutes left in the game. I love football games, but I hate losing! Especially when we lose by one point in the last minute of the game, like we did yesterday. It was like the OU game or Tech game all over. Sick out.

The thing I hate most is something I have total control over. I hate how I haven't been going to church. I've only been twice the whole time I've been here, and I really don't have an excuse. Especially since there's a Methodist church practically across the street from my dorm. I went at least once a week all through junior high and high school and I had always promised myself I'd find a church in college. I haven't made much of a effort and that makes me really disappointed with myself. The one time I went to A&M Methodist, I went with Glynna and Clark. And all Glynna and I could think about was how much we missed John Wesley. I've gone there since I was 3 years old and I guess I didn't realize how different going somewhere else was going to be. I keep saying next week I'll go, but if nobody wants to go with me I don't. Which is awful. Or most of the time I just sleep till like 11 on Sundays. I want to go to Breakaway, the on campus worship service thing, but it's at the same time I have ARC meetings every week so I can't go. That's something I really need to change, and soon. I just need that back in my life.

I kinda hate, but kinda like how I should be studying right now, but have been writing this. I don't want to study anymore, but I know I really should. I am so not ready for the test Tuesday. We'll see how it goes. I guess that's it, have a nice day.
<3 Casey
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