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I should probably be sleeping right now

Today was a really good day. And that makes me really happy.

First of all, I got 2 quizzes back in geology and I got 100's on both of them. So that was good. Then walking back from geology, I saw Antanas Kavaliauskas AKA the really tall Lithuanian basketball player AKA my boyfriend. So that was really exciting. Then I went to lunch with Kara, Katie, and Brian, and that was good. But then I got a tummy ache, so that was bad, but we watched the 1st half hour of Heavyweights before going to math. Math was really boring, as usual, but my friend didn't fall asleep today, so that was good. Then after I got out, I went over to west campus to work on my info project. 3 hours later I finished. Yay!! That was so exciting it made my day.

Then we went to the rec center and played volleyball. At first we only had 4 people, then more people kept joining in and by the time we left we had enough people for 2 whole teams. It's fun to play with random people. Plus volleyball is really fun. I jammed my thumb really bad and it still hurts, but it's ok. Then we went to dinner which was delicious and healthy, then I had ARC and Katie came with me even though she's not in it. We got out super early, so that was fun. Then we headed back over to Nicole's dorm and hung out for a while before Silver Taps.

Silver Taps is this thing at A&M that's held on the first Tuesday of every month to honor any students that have passed away in the past weeks. It's hard to describe, but it's really beautiful. Hymns start playing from the clock tower at about 10:00 and people start gathering in Academic Plaza. The last song is Amazing Grace and at 10:30 a special group of the corps of cadets starts to march in. It's really eerie and somber, and at the same time so moving. Thousands of people are standing in complete silence, it's so quiet that you can hear the guys marching in 3 or 4 minutes before you can actually see them. Their steps echo throughout and off the Academic Building. They're dressed in all white, 3 rows of 7, and the best way to describe them is toy soldiers. They're so in sync and perfect. They march to the middle and slowly fire a 21 gun salute. The guns are so loud, that even though I know it's coming it makes me jump. The birds all flee from the trees as the shots echo throughout campus. After 3 rounds, a special rendition of taps is played 3 times. Once to the north, west, and south, but not the east because the sun will never rise again on the fallen Aggie. It's really beautiful and touching that thousands of students stand there in the complete dark, giving up their time to honor people that they don't even know. Tonight I was standing there, listening to the music before it started and it was absolutely gorgeous. The moon lit up one of the oldest and prettiest bulidings on campus through a thin cloud, it was kind of spooky but I don't think I've ever wanted to capture an image in my mind as a picture more than I did tonight. The moon was so bright, it was shining on the Academic Building so perfectly, and there were so many people outside. It's hard to explain I guess, but it was really moving. When Silver Taps is done playing, people leave as silently as they came, back to their dorms and cars. It's so special. As sad and serious as it is, I love it.

After Silver Taps, Nicole, Katie, and I went to Wal-Mart. I recently came into pocsession of a gift card, that I found out had 50 dollars on it! So I bought some work out aerobic DVDS and Anastasia! I'm so excited about both of them. Then on the way home we sang songs from musicals. It was so fun. I love those girls so much. And I spend pretty much all my time with them that I'm not in class. And I like it that way. I'm just in such a good mood right now cause I'm done with my info project and singing showtunes and loving my friends and life in general. Plus I had a really good weekend in Houston seeing my the Astros play an exhibition game and my brother go out on a big date plus stopping on the way back to College Station to take pictures of bluebonnets/stone garden. It was awesome. I hope you have a good day!

Love these girls more than life

Me, Katie, and Bluebonnets!

Me and Nicole!

Future roomies!! I'm sooo excited about our house next year! Kara + Katie + Nicole + Me = LOVE!!!
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