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Let's run away from here

I was running. I had no reason to run except for that I wanted him to chase me. I t was down some dirth path in the woods and you could hear the birds chirping their summer songs even above our laughter. It was a beautiful sunny day but I could hardly tell because the branches above our heads were so thick. It was almost sunset so everything was given that yellow tint, making his smile shine even brighter. Suddenly, he fell and for just a moment his laughter faded as he winced in pain; but as soon as he realized what he had done the two of us laughed until our sides ached.

I turned around and slowly walked towards him, trying my best to suppress my giggles at his torn pants and soiled shirt but failing miserably. I took a seat next to him on the dirt as he shyly showed me his scraped up hands. Of course, only a kiss could make them better. After I obliged, he returned the favor.

My job doesn't really require a lot of thinking, so I have a lot of time to daydream. I've been working on a story and that takes up a lot of my thoughts. I'm so sick of work and Houston and I want to go to my brand new beautiful house in College Station. This is probably the worst summer ever. No camp. No UM ARMY. No mystery trip. Not a whole lot of friend hanging outness. Bleh. It's time for school to start!
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