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And so it is

Quote of the Day : "We don't know who we are until we see what we can do."
-Martha Grimes

Home from UM ARMY. It was good, as always. It was different from other years in good and in not so good ways. The church we stayed in was a lot smaller and the camp itself was smaller. There were 87 people there and about 60 were from John Wesley. That kinda sucked cause there weren't very many new people to meet. And the programs aka stuff at night was somewhat non existent, that was a let down. But we did get to watch High School Musical, the band from our church played at worship and that was really cool, I got to room with some of my favorite girls ever, I loved my group, and I had a bunch of fun. Big surprise.

The 1st day we all just got there and were in the fellowship hall and I saw JoJo from Palestine and I got really excited. I didn't know he was going to be there this year and then his mom ended up being my leader. There was also Samantha from Canton, and then Ryan, Will, Megan, and Steven from John Wesley. We worked on Tony's house. He's in a wheel chair and is pretty much stuck in his house all day everyday unless he goes to the doctor. He lives with his 2 cats and is really lonely and has 2 of the fattest cats I've ever seen named Mickey and Minnie. He loved having us there and we really need to go back and visit him to give him some company. We painted all the downstairs of his house, built him 2 new wheelchair ramps, put bars in his bath tub, and put down new floor in the kitchen. A few of us worked hard the whole time, a few others spent most of the time complaining about our leader. But we got the work done and his house is much better and Tony much happier because of it.

I'm pretty sad that that was my last UM ARMY. I really want to come back and be a college assistant if I can. I hope I can, I realliy hope I can. It was so fun. I really liked working and playing and growing in my faith and all the people there and singing in the car to random songs and staying up really late to make prank phone calls and raid the kitchen. So many good times.

My group!

We sang a bunch of random songs in the car. Our favorite was probably NSYNC's Bye Bye Bye. One day we listened to it 3 times in a row, including a dancing to in the parking lot.

Me and Tony!

Wheel chair ramps of love

Tony on his wheel chair ramp. Because of his little porch thing we had to build 2 and the 1st time he went down his 1st one it wasn't totally finished yet. Ryan was like "the wheel guard isn't on yet! there's not wheel guard!" and then Tony like totally flew off the wheelchair ramp and I screamed. It's okay though. It was scary, but kinda funny cause Ryan was telling everyone he shouldn't go and he was right.

Ryan, Steve, and me made this floor. Even though you can kinda tell that some high school kids put it down, I'm very proud.

Us on the floor, this picture makes me laugh really hard.

We're all going to A&M next year

Cameron is such a stud. He pretty much hung out with all the senior girls all week, and he's 16 and his girlfriend is 18. He's from Canton and has a cute little accent.

Roomies! Minus Kaitlyn cause she had to leave early.

I pretty much love these girls a lot a lot a lot.


Ahh! Me and JoJo! I was so happy he was there again!

Since I've been home I've pretty much either been sleeping or on the internet. My house was crazy while I was gone, the game room got painted and I really love it and the landscapers fixed the front yard and my parents have been cleaning like crazy cause a bunch of my dad's friends from college came over tonight. I missed my mom and dad and my bed and my shower and my computer and my car. But I'm still happy from UM ARMY and I'm in a really good mood. Yay for everything! Have a nice day!
<3 Casey
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