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Do I seem familiar?

I've crossed you in hallways a thousand times

27 May
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People think I'm strange does that make me a stranger?
My best friend was born in a manger

80's music, audrey hepburn, beauty and the beast, being dutch, big 12 football, brad ausmus, brad lidge, breakfast at tiffany's, cats, chex mix, chris burke, christmas, chrysler sebring convertibles, clark gable, colin firth, country music, cowboys, craig biggio, dirty dancing havana nights, disney movies, disney world, dumb and dumber, dunta robinson, elvis, er, faygo, flip flops, frank sinatra, froot loops, full house, gavin degraw, gene kelly, george strait, gingerbread, god, gone with the wind, goo goo dolls, happy endings, houston astros, houston texans, i capture the castle, jack kerouac, janet reno dance parties, jeff bagwell, jeremy and salina, jesus, jimmy wayne, john wesley umc, jonathan taylor thomas, jose vizcaino, josh gracin, josh groban, juanes, justin the security, kenny chesney, kenny chesney's butt, king of the hill, lakeview, lonestar, man from snowy river, manatees, mapaches, mexican food, mike lamb, moulin rouge, oprah, penguins, phantom of the opera, pictures, playing the banjo, pride and prejudice, project runway, purses, quotes, rascal flatts, reading, reggie mcneal, remember the titans, roller coasters, roy oswalt, ryan gosling, saved by the bell, sleeping, snoopy, switchfoot, taco bell, target, texas aggies, the beach boys, the little mermaid, the monkees, the notebook, the peanuts gang, the simpsons, the wonder years, tim mcgraw, toby keith, tommy boy, ultimate frisbee, um army, vincent van gogh, walks on the beach, wayne kerr, what not to wear, whirly ball, willy taveras, writing stories